Who We Are

The RWCFI activities are dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg, our source of inspiration.

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Our Work

We support initiatives that promise to improve the lives of disadvantaged families.

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Film Project

The cornerstone of the Raoul Wallenberg Children’s Foundation International is a documentary film.

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Contact Us

We are seeking committed individuals to assist us in a variety of ways. Contact us to get involved!

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  • Tribute to a Hero

    Through his heroic deeds during the Second World War, Raoul Wallenberg saved tens of thousands of pe...

  • July 17, 1947

    The Russian official report stated that on July 17, 1947 Raoul Wallenberg died of a heart attack at...

  • December 12, 1952

    Rudolf Hendrich-Winter von Schwab gave a statement to the Swedish Government on July 2, 1964 about h...

  • May 1, 1978

    A young Soviet Jewish immigrant to Israel, who wished to remain anonymous due to family in the Sovie...