Mona Kramer

I was a six year old Jewish child in Hungary when the great majority of Hungarian Jews were killed. I survived because of Raoul Wallenberg, a man of vision, courage and determination. Two people, one of them Raoul Wallenberg, the other was our Christian ”maid” who, while I was growing up, was my second mother. Both heroically helped us during the Holocaust and seem to have shaped the course of my life.

Kayla Kaufman

Kayla Kaufman, mother of 2, grandmother of 7 and great grandmother of 3 recounts that
 she, her parents, her 2 sisters and brother were saved by Raoul Wallenberg. After escape from a Nazi slave labor camp, she found shelter in Budapest in one of the Swedish safe houses set up by Raoul Wallenberg. She says “he saved my life but what is etched even more deeply into my consciousness is the memory of having observed Wallenberg at a railroad depot in Budapest, saving Jews from deportation to the death camps. He was more than heroic; to me he symbolizes humanity at its best”.

Agnes Grossinger

Agnes Grossinger, survivor and bearer of a Swedish Schutz-Pass, recalls how she was drafted in an all female mandatory Labor Camp in October 1944 and sent to SzigetMonostor but escaped and returned to Budapest. "In my absence, some friends stationed in Labor Camps in Budapest visited my parents home, finding only my desperate mother because my father was also sent to a labor camp in Gonyu. They brought her 3 Swedish Schutz-Passes, as their whole battalion was under a blanket Shutz-Passe, and they had access to some more.  We lived in different Swedish Safe houses, until the end of Nov.

Agnes Mandl Adachi

Agnes Mandl Adachi tells her story about how she was in Switzerland in 1939 to study French and then returned to Budapest in 1940. After the Germans occupied Hungary in 1944, Agnes was given refuge in the Swedish embassy and was also given a protective Schutz-Pass. She began to work for Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat, who worked to save the Hungarian Jews. She describes his efforts to save the Jews of Budapest, and how she helped him including distributing the protective passes (Schutz-Pass). She helped Raoul Wallenberg in his rescue effort to pull Jews from the Danube River.

Eva Brust Cooper

Eva Brust Cooper, born in 1934 in Budapest Hungary, lived on the Danube River Pest side. She remembers her father receiving papers from Raoul Wallenberg that allowed the family to avoid deportation; the family's time in hiding in various locations around Budapest; her and her mother's attempts to appear Catholic by going to church, learning the Catechism, and acquiring false identification papers; her father's participation in negotiations with Adolf Eichmann in hopes of reducing the number of Hungarian Jews to be deported and her family's return to Budapest at the end of World War II.

George Boros

I never saw his face yet he is a part of everything inside and outside of me. According to my father, God rest his soul, he was a block of charisma walking. With a heart so enormous that it could not find a vault to contain it, his courage was mythical. Today, there are survivors, with millions of children, grandkids and greatgrandkids walking this earth because of his gallant and victorious deeds and more added with each awakening and at each slumber. What can one say? One hundred thousand Jews saved! There are those few who visit this earth for whom words have not yet been invented.

Suzanne Rubin

Suzanne Rubin owes her life to Raoul Wallenberg. Mrs Rubin a British citizen and great-grandmother, was ten years old when German soldiers dragged her family from their comfortable home in the Hungarian town of Papa. Having narrowly escaped one train taking Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz, the family was confined to the ghetto in German-occupied Budapest. Her parents were beginning to despair when her father Alexander and a cousin heard of a Swedish diplomat who dedicated his life to saving people from the Nazis. They contacted him and he arranged Red Cross papers to help them to escape.

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