100 Hours of Footage

Fall 2009: Continued Research and Filming

-Stockholm for Mrs. Sonnenfeld’s 97th birthday
-10 days of continued interviews with Sonja
-Interviews with close friends, family and associates of Mrs. Sonnenfeld
-Behind the scenes footage of Sonja living her life, traveling and reminiscing with friends


Over 60 total hours of English HD footage and nearly 40 hours of HD in German have been collected, with a few hours in Swedish as well

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Raoul Wallenberg Sightings

Sources of these reports are on file with the Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States, Ltd., 239 Park Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10169
View the Full List of Sightings

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Violence Prevention

The RWCFI is developing curricula and supporting resources based on Sonja Sonnenfeld’s classroom conversations over the years to facilitate dialogue in classrooms, communities and organizations.


“Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg" film crew goes to Berlin with Mrs. Sonnenfeld filming several classroom visits and presentations given in both German and English.

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More Filming in Berlin & Stockholm

Fall 2008: Continued Research and Filming

-A week of filming in Berlin following Sonja as she speaks to new students every morning

-Stockholm for Mrs. Sonnenfeld’s 96th birthday

-A week of continued interviews with Sonja Sonnenfeld

-Interviews with Mrs. Nina Lagergren - Raoul Wallenberg’s sister

-Written transcription done for much of the English-language footage - over 40 hours total

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Filming Continues in Berlin

Filming Mrs. Sonnenfeld’s Classroom Lectures in Berlin

-Berlin filming of several classroom visits, in both German and English

-Visit to Wannsee Holocaust Museum

-Lectures with additional groups of students

-Re-visit the old home, neighborhood and favorite places of Sonja’s youth

Berlin news article, “The Itinerant Preacher" by Jörg Niendorf:

The Itinerant Preacher

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Filming Begins in Stockholm

Yevgeniy Kesarev, Susan Vater and Sydney Schulman activate the non-profit RWCFI with conversations, planning, and concept development.

Summer/Fall 2007: Research and Filming

-Board decides to produce the film

-Board members invest in Pre-production

-Decision is made to begin filming immediately due to Sonja’s age

-Continuing research and filming of professional HD interviews with Sonja for twelve days, including filming at Sonja Sonnenfeld’s 95th birthday party in Stockholm

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Developing the Documentary

Preliminary goal is developed, to produce a documentary film that will capture the stories of Sonja Sonnenfeld and Raoul Wallenberg and inspire new generations to learn about:

-Raoul Wallenberg’s heroism
-Mrs. Sonnenfeld’s extraordinary attempts to rescue Wallenberg
-The devastating effects of xenophobia, religious conflicts and bullying

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Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg

Why are we making a documentary about the life and mysterious disappearance of Raul Wallenberg? Why now?

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