The Toll of Toxic Stress on Children

Expert says this all too common problem is underdiagnosed

Our RWCFI work on behalf of young children is explained by pediatrician Nadine Harris Burke. When a child's flight-or-fight response is activated too often, from abuse, neglect or parental addiction, it can change the structure of a developing brain. It's called toxic stress.

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Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

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Anti-Semitic hate crimes are on the rise

The largest single-year jump on record

RWCFI shares ongoing concern about increasing antisemitism reports according to the Anti-Defamation League.

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Anti-Semitism On the Rise

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Mid-Level Developmental Assessment (MLDA)

Benefits of Assessment in Early Childhood

RWCFI is working on finding better ways to identify very young children with developmental vulnerabilities and helping families find needed resources.

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New Report Looks At Benefits Of Assessing Mild Developmental Needs In Early Childhood

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A Chanukah Reflection

Why I Light my Chanukah Candles

Notes from David Gregory during this difficult time this year, with minorities around the world—Jews included—having new reasons to feel that they may need to hide their lights. We are experiencing an uptick of prejudice and violence—from hate speech spewed by participants in the Nazi march in Charlottesville earlier this year, to the devastating mass murder taking place against the Rohingya people of Burma today.

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More Secrecy from Russia

Russian Court Refuses to Reveal Holocaust Hero’s Fate

Disappointing news today - a Russian Court refused to order opening and sharing Raoul Wallenberg case files. Ivan Pavlov, the lawyer for Ms. Dupuy, said she would appeal the decision. He said that despite the judge’s decision, the lawsuit shed some light on Mr. Wallenberg’s case.

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Anti-Fascism Film From 1947 Going Viral

After the Tragedy at Charlottesville Rally

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"This is the Face of Fascism"

Bush Era Ethics Czar Speaks Out

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Russia Pressed to Release Documents

Wallenberg Family Files Lawsuit Against FSB

Family of Swedish war hero Raoul Wallenberg, including Wallenberg’s niece (pictured above) filed a lawsuit in a Moscow court against Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), seeking access to uncensored documents which they say could provide clues to Wallenberg's fate. RWCFI Board Members express hope that new information will be uncovered and are currently exploring how to include this new development in the documentary film “Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg”.

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